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About Smart Guard™

Installation at your clinic: less than 1 hour

Minimum released veterinary hours: ± 60 hours per month


The veterinary world is currently facing major challenges, especially in the area of attracting and retaining (high-quality) qualified personnel. Consequence: workload per veterinarian is getting higher, the supply of qualified veterinarians continues to (persistently) decline, but the demand for quality veterinary medicine is rising. This combination indicates that serious consideration must be given to sustainable solutions that both safeguard and improve customer service and customer experience as well as permanently reduce the pressure on veterinarians and veterinary clinics. Thus, real reform in the way the veterinary industry works is no longer a taboo, it is inevitable.


Smart Guard Veterinary Software differentiates itself by responding to these challenges by offering an Artificial Intelligence-based software package that takes over the work within the first line from the veterinarian.

Smart Guard's software package eliminates the need for consultation collections to be performed by the veterinarian. Other veterinary professionals can be deployed to handle the consult and provide all medically relevant information and, where additional support is required, also provide various media types, such as photos and videos. All relevant questions AND answers are pre-programmed and, without extensive medical knowledge, one can intuitively walk through and complete them directly.

Smart Guard has also developed a Health Sensor that measures various vital signs in the patient, such as heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature and blood saturation.

A consult using Smart Guard Veterinary Software and Smart Guard Health Sensor results in a complete summary of all findings and medical information, including a mini ECG, that one desires and then the software goes to work for you:

Namely, Smart Guard's A.I. database automatically links a complete medical recommendation to the results of the consultation collection. The database bases its advice on all data input that is or has been entered by all users and will therefore automatically grow with the latest medical developments and knowledge. Thus, the medical advice at all times comes from the complete accumulated current knowledge, from "real time" cases, which is entered into Smart Guard by all medical professionals on a daily basis and refutes it every time, against the complete overview that comes out of the consultation collection!

The contents of this medical opinion consist of:

A probability diagnosis calculation

A possible treatment plan

And or (diagnostic) follow-up steps

This result is received by the veterinarian on his or her tablet and can be provided with additional comments, additions or changes. The time a veterinarian spends on a first-line consultation using the Smart Guard system is reduced to 1 to 2 minutes instead of 10 to 15 minutes.

Using this method, a veterinarian can operate at least three consultation rooms and saves a significant amount of time in terms of scheduled veterinary hours.

A veterinary clinic where an average of 20 consultations per day are performed, saves ± 60 hours of scheduled hours per month!

Watch the animation below

In addition to the animation above, on our updated website you will also find a handy calculation tool in which you can calculate what the savings look like for your veterinary clinic.

The challenges at the moment are great and a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel is often hard to find, but just imagine not having to worry about your roster, giving your staff room to develop again, deploying freed-up hours in the second line and being able to concentrate fully on what your clinic does best: improving animal welfare!

Do you dare?

With kind regards,
Johan Richard Van Dongen

Founder Smart Guard