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The veterinary world is currently facing major challenges, especially in the area of attracting and retaining (high-quality) qualified personnel. Consequence: workload per veterinarian is getting higher, the supply of qualified veterinarians continues to (persistently) decline, but the demand for quality veterinary medicine is rising. This combination indicates that serious consideration must be given to sustainable solutions that both safeguard and improve customer service and customer experience as well as permanently reduce the pressure on veterinarians and veterinary clinics. Thus, real reform in the way the veterinary industry works is no longer a taboo, it is inevitable.

What to expect from Smart Guard™ Intelligent Veterinary Software

  • Para-veterinarians are fully supported in taking up independent consultations

  • Up to 70% hour savings on scheduling veterinarians in 1st line consultations
  • "Plug and Play", i.e. installation and training on site are completed within an hour

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  • No adaptation of business software necessary
  • Optimal workflow during 1st line consultations
  • A.I. technology immediately displays possible diagnoses and treatment plans

  • Released veterinary hours can be used in 2nd line or (follow-up) veterinary training
  • Veterinarian can approve and process the patient file remotely

  • Add live photos and videos to the patient record with 1 click during consultation
  • Together with the Smart Guard Intelligent Sensor all vital signs are immediately visible

  • Increased profit per consultation


Calculate your savings below

Enter your average daily number of consultations and our calculation tool will do the rest!  (If you have multiple locations, please enter all consult decreases per day from all locations combined).

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Average timetabled vet hours of consultations after installation of Smart Guard™ Software
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About Smart Guard™

Smart Guard™ is a Dutch company founded with the mission to address the ongoing veterinary shortages. Through modern and cutting edge A.I. technology, Smart Guard™ gives veterinary clinics much needed workload relief and makes the company future proof. The Smart Guard™ Software was born from our team's combined experience of more than 30 years in veterinary practice as veterinarians, para vets and managers/owners.

Are you interested? Then click the button below and fill out your information. We will contact you personally to discuss your situation and together we will create a suitable package for your veterinary clinic!

Personal treatment, always custom-made for your clinic

No adjustments required within your business or practice software

Easy installation and training (max 1 hour)

"Smart Guard is an app designed with the purpose of making the first line findings normally carried out by a doctor, this system allows doctors to optimize this step and generate more time to be able to develop extra activities such as surgery or some type of specialization. The app is available in Dutch and English, this is very useful for foreign doctors, as in my case."

Drs Michelle Murillo M

"Personally, I think SmartGuard is a fast, straightforward and user-friendly way to handle daily cases in the veterinary practice. I am confident that it would save a great deal of time in processing a larger number of cases while reducing the workload for the veterinary team. Validation of the method behind SmartGuard would be a well-deserved step forward."

Drs Corina Serban-Schram 

"Smart Guard is a clear app that is easy to use. The use of the app will save (para)veterinary time in the future and help in diagnosis."

Drs Alan Diddens

Frequently asked questions


The veterinary world is currently facing major challenges. Especially in terms of attracting and retaining medically qualified staff. Consequence: workload per veterinarian is getting higher, the supply of qualified veterinarians continues to decline, but the demand for quality veterinary medicine remains as high as ever. This combination indicates the need to seriously consider sustainable solutions that both safeguard and improve customer service and customer experience, as well as permanently reduce the pressure on veterinarians and veterinary clinics.

Our solution

Smart Guard Veterinary Software differentiates itself by responding to these challenges by offering an Artificial Intelligence-based software package, which takes over the work within the first line from the veterinarian. Result: 1 FTE veterinarian does the work of 4 FTE veterinarians in the first line, with no extra workload!

Is A.I. something I need to worry about?

No. A.I. is nothing more than a big calculator, able to analyse huge data files and statistics within milliseconds and calculate an average based on this. The data that Smart Guard's A.I. analyses on are completed patient records that the vets have personally completed in the practice in the past and are thus a collection of all patient records and completed consultations of all vets including the diagnoses identified.

So how does it work?

The moment a patient presents in the 1st line and the assistant fills in all the findings, the A.I. looks into this database with tremendous speed and looks for similar complaint patterns, animal breeds, ages and advice and treatments already given.  Filters these similar files from the database and then looks to see which advice and diagnoses from these completed files can be linked to the file of the patient currently being examined. So nothing is "made up", it is using data that has already been successfully deployed on past patients with the same pattern of complaints.

Implementation of Smart Guard, is this a lot of work?

No. Smart Guard is a "Plug and Play" software package. This means that no modifications are required within existing business software or other packages already in use. Smart Guard provides the necessary training to staff and then you can get started.

What is my financial risk?

Smart Guard is not free. But we want to keep the financial risk for the veterinary clinic as manageable as possible. So we enter into a contract for a minimum of six months, after which it becomes terminable on a monthly basis. You pay between EUR 500 and EUR 750 per month, depending on the configuration you ultimately choose. So your financial risk is reduced to EUR 3,000.- and EUR 4,500.- after 6 months. Not bad for an extra 3 FTE vets in service!

If you don't like it after 6 months, you can terminate your contract free of charge.

How can I go along with this development and get my veterinary clinic running optimally again?

Send us an e-mail at or click on the "Interested" button on our website We will then contact you as soon as possible and provide you with further personal guidance.

Questions about Smart Guard™?

If you have any questions about Smart Guard™, please feel free to contact the Smart Guard™ team.